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FALL Beads | Spiders, Bird with Sunflowers, Pumpkins!

Good morning!

I have a few new beads/sets to share this morning..
I have been in a fall mood I guess.

I have a lot to get done today, and hopefully I can get the yard
mowed before it rains later somewhere in that mix..
so I will just hurry up and get to it! 😜

Fun New Bead..

I was working in my studio on a bead order and started working on some fun new
designs.. but I had to go ahead and share this one real quick.

I have it listed in my Etsy shop.
(link to my Etsy shop is at the top of the page)

More beads coming soon, I am working on more fall designs to share, and
starting on Christmas as well!

Have a great week!

Happy Monday!

Good morning..
I had quite a long weekend, but feel like I did get several things accomplished so that is
always a nice feeling.

 I worked just a little bit in the studio and have a couple new bird beads listed
if you'd like to check those out.   I plan to work in the studio quite a bit more
this week! :0)

Check them out in my Etsy shop!

Have a wonderful week! (will be posting a round of new beads soon)

New Beads | A Question | & Bead Box Clean out!

I am a little late getting this post out but I have some new beads up!

I usually post updates to my Facebook page first so if you want to be sure to get
updates on new listings be sure to follow me there. :o)

I also wanted to ask you all a question?
Do you follow lampwork artists on other social media sites like instagram and is that
something you would be interested in?

I have debated adding a instagram account to my beads business but would
like your feedback on that first to see if that is of any interest or not?
Let me know.

On to the new beads..

And I had a bead box clean out and listed a couple sets of orphan beads on eBay if interested in
 Big Variety/mix of orphan beads (40) 
or a Fall Mix lot of orphan beads
(pictures below)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, be sure to follow my facebook page and let me know
if instagram interests you or not.

Also are you interested in seeing Fall sets? Focals? Christmas sets?  What are you looking