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New Beads | A Question | & Bead Box Clean out!

I am a little late getting this post out but I have some new beads up!

I usually post updates to my Facebook page first so if you want to be sure to get
updates on new listings be sure to follow me there. :o)

I also wanted to ask you all a question?
Do you follow lampwork artists on other social media sites like instagram and is that
something you would be interested in?

I have debated adding a instagram account to my beads business but would
like your feedback on that first to see if that is of any interest or not?
Let me know.

On to the new beads..

And I had a bead box clean out and listed a couple sets of orphan beads on eBay if interested in
 Big Variety/mix of orphan beads (40) 
or a Fall Mix lot of orphan beads
(pictures below)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, be sure to follow my facebook page and let me know
if instagram interests you or not.

Also are you interested in seeing Fall sets? Focals? Christmas sets?  What are you looking

Weekend recap and New Beads!

We had a great weekend, we went and spent most of the weekend with our kids
and celebrated my birthday.    Boy does time fly!

We went to one of our favorite restaurants and just had a good time.
I will take any time that I get to spend with my kiddo's!
It does this mama's heart good. :0)

My kids are 24 and 21 which I don't know how that is even possible because I am pretty sure
I am still in my 30's.. lol. (*cough*) 😜

It was a fun weekend!

Back to work and I have some new beads to share!

Some new Sea Turtles,
a little caterpillar, some new bird designs and more. 

Check them out in my Etsy shop!

Hope that you have a great week!

New Beads Up!

Happy Thursday Evening!

I have some fun new beads to share tonight!
A fun variety from a heart focal to a yorkie pup to some new bird designs and much more..

Here are a few of them:

A Fun Chunky Black Heart focal with metallic dots..

A pretty Gray Bird dressed up and ready for Christmas!

A fun Ocean Theme with a conch shell..

A Grinchy Inspired set of 2 focal..
So cute!

and I had fun with this little yorkie pup design..

You can check them out as well as the others in my Etsy shop!

Thanks for supporting my business, I appreciate you all so much!
 Hope you have a blessed rest of the week/weekend!