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It is fixed! A Few New Beads

My kiln part arrived..
Kiln is fixed..
happy dance and high fives all around! 😉

I had to jump in and make a couple things of course..

So how about a variegated shades of orange Spring Floral Bird,
anyone else soooo ready for spring?!

or getting ready for Easter a sweet floral bunny..

and for fun, a preppy Mouse set
(in kelly green/pink)

All of these are listed in my Etsy shop, as well as several of my made to order
beads are back online.

Have a blessed week!

Where have I been? & a Thank you

I thought I would give an update on why I haven't posted new beads and why I do not have a lot going on in my listings currently.

I went to make beads a couple weeks ago, and my kiln wasn't heating up.. :0(
after getting it checked out we found that the heating element had went out, and I am still waiting on the replacement part to arrive so that we can get it fixed and up and running again.

As soon as it does, I will be back to making new beads and posting more items. :0)

On another note.. 

I want to say a big Thank You to those that sent Christmas cards - you are so very kind to take the time to do that and write such a nice note, and I greatly appreciate it.  What a sweet thing to do.

Thank you for supporting my small business, 
blessings to you & yours.

A few new beads for Christmas.. Ears

A few new Christmas beads featuring ears to share with you today..

A fun single Christmas Tree bead featuring mouse ears as the ornaments as well as
dots, and a mouse ear tree topper.  :0)

and a couple fun Christmas Ornament Beads Pairs featuring Ears, 
a set done in red and
a set done in green as well.

You can find them all in my Etsy shop Here

Has anyone else been ooooohing and aaaaahing over all the pretty
Christmas decorations that are in the stores..  so pretty!

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