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Where have I been? & a Thank you

I thought I would give an update on why I haven't posted new beads and why I do not have a lot going on in my listings currently.

I went to make beads a couple weeks ago, and my kiln wasn't heating up.. :0(
after getting it checked out we found that the heating element had went out, and I am still waiting on the replacement part to arrive so that we can get it fixed and up and running again.

As soon as it does, I will be back to making new beads and posting more items. :0)

On another note.. 

I want to say a big Thank You to those that sent Christmas cards - you are so very kind to take the time to do that and write such a nice note, and I greatly appreciate it.  What a sweet thing to do.

Thank you for supporting my small business, 
blessings to you & yours.

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