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I thought I would share a little about my studio here..

Back when I started making beads..
I had a small spot in the garage..
after a while I had a big part of the garage.. :0)

Then in 2010 we decided to build me my own designated studio space,
and here was the start of it:   (notice my small tree to the side?) 

(I wish I had taken more photo's but I was busy building.)

After the painting, roofing, window, and door and so on were installed..
I finally had my own studio space.. :0)

It has served me well over the years..
and somehow became a storage unit along the way. Lol.

Fast forward several years and we are now working on finishing it out.
The storage items are moved out.

We added a overhang to the side (for storage),
have given it a new paint job, and finished the trim work, and
installed the air conditioner.

(notice how big my tree has gotten over the years from the first photo? ) :0)

Next up on the to do list is to get the inside done.

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